Why Clear, Vertical Grain Hemlock?

Hemlock is fine textured, straight-grained, free of pitch and it splinters less than other softwoods. The color varies from creamy white to pale gold.

It can look similar to cedar; however, it is significantly more cost effective. We stock this as S4S square edge boards in all 1x widths.
Pictured below, we have run 1×8 CVG Hemlock to a reversible pattern of WP4/Nickel-Gap. We think it mills beautifully!

Be sure to visit our Factory Finishing and Millwork tabs to see how to customize your next project with CVG Hemlock!

Hemlock Boards

1x8 T&G WP4/Nickel Gap Hemlock CVG

1×8 T&G WP4/Nickel Gap Hemlock CVG

Description 8′ 10′ 12′ 14′ 16′ R/L
1×4-1×12 CVG Square Edge
7/8 x 4 – 7/8 x 8 Selkirk S1S2E Rougher Headed KD
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